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Task: Practicing formating

a sentece .....This word is bold and this word is italics.

a paragraph.....

Hello, everybody! For this term we are going to participate in a little project to help save the Earth. Want to be part of it?... Well, first let's find out how you are contributing to destroy the earth... yeah, destroy the earth... that planet where we all live... yes.... that one!!!

Task: Practicing Headings

Unit 1

Lessom A

My name's Chuck

Task: Practicing Indenticing

Love you
Love you more
LOVE you forever.

Task: Practicing bulleting

  • wiki
  • blog
  • flickr
    • photos
    • toys

  1. wiki
  2. blog
  3. flickr
    1. photos
    2. toys

  • Wiki
    • Web 2.0
  1. formatting
    1. bold

  1. Wiki
  2. Blog
    • blogger
    • widget
  3. Flickr