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Hi all.I have moved to Victoria, B.C. from Regina,Saskatchewan 14 years ago.

Early Days In Victoria

I promptly got involved at Laurel House,but felt like I didn't fit in there.(and not complaining lol).Had a few volunteer jobs,but needed something challenging.I signed up for a class at Camosun College,which was the gardening program.before that,I got volunteer work at the YMCA making sandwiches for the street kids,a job I've done for 7 years.From 1998 to 2000,I was in the BIGS (Basic instruction Gardening Program) at Interurban.

After that,Was also in with Kardel and they got me a worker who has become a friend as well.She helped with the resources to move in a Low Income Housing,and have been with them to this day. In 1999,I started volunteering with Aids Vancouver Island,and have been there for 10 years,starting out working in their resource center,and the last 7 years,as their receptionist.Went to get paid work at Literacy Victoria as a receptionist there.when that was over,went back to AVI,and always continuing at the Y,though doing care taking work as a volunteer.

Future Plans

I get to meet all kinds of people,and do enjoy volunteering, but hoping to find paid work at the places I volunteer.