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Hi All,

Welcome to my userpage, which might at some point be visually pleasing, but I'm not holding my breath. Function over form in my books. Though I concede the point that if you want somebody to look at your webpage, (which is presumably why you wrote it,) it should be visually attractive. When I have the time to learn how to make things pretty I will.

Meanwhile, about me:

I recently joined WikiEducator in order to learn more about using wikis in education and to generally contribute to ICT4E endeavours.

I currently hold a B.Sc. in Economics and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and am working as a project assistant for the Global Teenager Project in Johannesburg, South Africa. The main activity of the GTP is to connect classrooms in participating countries in learning circles so that they can sponsor and answer questions around a predetermined topic. One of my tasks there is to assess whether a wiki platform would be an appropriate tool for carrying out this activity, and to hammer out the logistics of offering programs wiki-style.

And so, here I am!