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DONALD KABUGI NGURE DATE OF BIRTH : 9th October 1952 MARITAL STATUS  : Married with 3 Children. NATIONALITY : Kenyan


(a) Bachelor Of Science in Meteorology & Mathematics, Lower Second Class Honours - University Of Nairobi.

(b) United Nations Fellowship Certificate on Advanced Renewable Energy Systems - Indian Institute Of Technology (New Delhi).

(c) Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science -University Of Nairobi.

(d) Master of Science (Economics) in policy analysis and planning - University of Wales (Swansea).


(a) E.A.C.E - Kagumo High School (1968 - 1971).

(b) E.A.A.C.E - Kagumo High School (1972 - 1973).

(c) Bachelor of Science - University Of Nairobi (1974 - 1977).

(d) United Nations University Fellowship On Renewable Energy Systems - Indian Institute Of Technology (1982 - 1983).

(e) Postgraduate Diploma In Computer Science - University Of Nairobi (1986 - 1987).

(f) Master of Science (Economics) - University of Wales (Swansea) (1991 - 1992).

(g) Other Courses Attended:

i) July 1977 - December 1977; Institute Of Meteorological Training and Research - Operational Training Course (OTC).

ii) 21 - 25 Nov. 1977 - Training Seminar on background air pollution monitoring at Institute of Meteorological Training and Research. iii) Oracle Database administration course at Software Technologies (October 1998)

WORK EXPERIENCE (a) July 1977 - May 1981: Kenya Meteorological Department:

   	Title                           :	Meteorologist.

Duties : Weather Forecasting for ships, aircrafts and General Public.

(b) June 1981 - October 1987: Ministry Of Energy

   	Title :				Meteorologist.

Duties: Establishment of a wind and solar measuring Programme, analysis of wind and solar radiation data for Energy application purposes, Wind and Solar Energy application study in Kenya, Study of Meteorological Stations in Kenya with a bias towards exposure of Meteorological instruments.

(c) Nov. 1987 - Aug 1988 : Kenya Meteorogical Department:

Title: Meteorologist.

   	Duties:			Data Processing, Software Software Develoment and Maintenance.

(d) Sep. 1988 - May 1990: Ministry Of Research, Science and Technology. Title: Research Officer I (Computer). Duties: Development of a Computerized Information System on Science and Technology and its associated software, Collection, Collation, Analysis and Maintenance of a comprehensive data on Science and Technology potential of the country.

(e) June 1990 - June 1994: Kenya Institute Of Administration.

   	Title:				Computer Data Analyst/Senior lecturer.
Duties:			Coordination of computer training and training of public sector employees, systems development and Research in related areas.

(f) July 1994 - Up-to-date: Kenyatta University. Title: Senior Systems Analyst/Senior Lecturer.

   	Duties:			Coordination of computer training, Computer training curriculum development, systems development and maintenance , Training consultancy in related areas and teaching undergraduate students computer science.

g) Ag. Chairman: Department of Computer Science – Kenyatta University (2001-2003). h) Chairman: Department of Computer Science – Kenyatta University (2003 – May 2005) i) Chairman: Department of Information and Communication Technology – Kenyatta University (2005 – to-date)

RESEARCH PAPERS i) Analysis of rainfall data for Kabete Meteorological station for a period of thirty years - a project paper presented at the University Of Nairobi (1977). ii) Generation of hourly direct radiation from total daily radiation to predict the thermal performance of solar concentrators under Nairobi weather conditions - a project paper presented at Indian Institute Of Technology (New Delhi-1983), National workshop on application of meteorological information for development (Nairobi - 1989). iii) Plan of operation for Wind and solar Measuring Programme - Ministry Of Energy. iv) Wind Energy Potential in Kenya (an abstract) - European Wind Energy Conference (1984). v) Computerization of the Ministry Of Energy Library using dBASE III Plus (DBMS package) - a project paper presented at University Of Nairobi (1987). vi) Status report on the management of population programmes in Kenya - Kenya Institute of Administration. vii) Management of Population programmes in Kenya - University of Wales (Swansea). COMPUTER CONSULTANCY As a computer consultant I have done the following consultancy jobs:

a) Training staff of Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB) on local area networks, Disk Operating System (DOS) and dBASE IV working on Novell network (May 1991). b) Training of Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) clients in the use of spreadsheets, Wordprocessing, Database Management System (DBMS) for budget control and use of computers in Management Information Systems (MIS) c) Seminar talk for Kenya Employers (FKE) clients in use of computers for accounting and budgetary control and computer use in management information systems (August 1993). d) Training of GTZ Farm Management Project Staff in the use of computers for data management using dBASE IV, LOTUS 1-2-3 and Wordprocessing software (WP51) (July/August 1993). e) Preparation of computer training materials for use by personnel in population management activities for the United Nations Fund for population activities (UNFPA) Project (April 1993). f) Training of Kenya Commercial Bank managers in the use of computers for banking (June 1991). g) Training of the Hansard editors (Kenya National Assembly) in the use of computers for parliamentary proceedings. h) Training of population project managers in computer applications to population activities (September 1993, January 1994). i) Data analysis of Farm management practices in Kenya funded by GTZ for Farm Management seminar held at Duduville Kasarani (NAIROBI) - November 1993. j) Examiner for the Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB). k) Seminar Talk to Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) clients in the use of computers in production management and control at Silver Springs Hotel (Nairobi) - April 1994. l) Seminar Talk to National Council of Churches Kenya (NCCK) in the acquisition and management of computers and computer security in relation to viruses at Ufungamano House (Nairobi) - 17th May 1995. m) Part-time Lecturer - Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology on Systems Engineeering, Computing principles, Database systems, Introduction to computers, Computer science and programming. n) Seminar Talk to Directorate of Personnel Management (Office of the President) on the use of computers in Personnel Management Information System (PMIS). o) Training of Accountancy students for KASNEB exams in Systems Theory, Analysis and Design, Electronic Data Processing (EDP) at Bureau of training Consultancy, Kenyatta University. p) Training of St Andrew's Church staff in the use of Computers for Church application. q) Training of Secondary School Principals and Headmasters in the use of computers for management of educational institutions (Kenyatta University). r) Development of Secondary Schools computer studies syllabus at the Kenya Institute of Education (KIE). s) Development of Information Technology syllabus for Technical Training Institutes (KIE). t) Computer Literacy programme for KENYATTA UNIVERSITY Staff. u) Computer Training for middle level trainers for Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) (Nairobi – November 1998) v) Moderator - Introduction to Computer Science I for Pre-University students undertaking African Virtual University Programmes a World Bank funded Project at Kenyatta University. w) Computer Literacy Training for Secondary and Primary School Teachers an on-going programme at Kenyatta University – African Virtual University x) Facilitator – Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, BSc in Computer Science Programme