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This word is Bold And this word is Italics.


Friendship is a blessing.

My friends

I had got many friends of different age group.My mother is my best friend.

My Interests

  • Music
  • Books
  • Movies

My Favourite subjects

  1. Biology
  2. English
  3. Chemistry
  4. Maths

My Wiki

I'm a newbie on wiki [1].According to my view,wiki is one of the best platforms where you can learn by mistakes.Through my userpage,Djoseph,I had studied many more skills.Look my sandbox!It's my Playground.


This is my first thumbnail

Why ME In Wiki

It's nothing but the fascinating ideas of open educational resources had attracted me to this platform.As we were fed by the antiquated spooning methods , a platform where the students turn as their own teachers,a platform where everyone learn by mistakes - WE turned as a fabulous playground come educational area for the new generation!There's no doubt that within years millions of people will become WE BIRDS!

Tips to improve your memory

Can you recollect the 10 words listed below in the correct sequence within seconds?

  • Elephant
  • Car
  • Music
  • Restaurant
  • corridor
  • Ant
  • Saree
  • Bicycle
  • Accident
  • Hospital

Friends , Can you?It's not so easy ,isn't it?
But there is a trick! Scroll Down!

Go through this story.

An elephant was driving a car hearing music.He went to a restaurant.When he looked through its corridor he saw an ant wearing a saree.She was riding a bicycle.Suddenly she met with an accident.And she was taken to the hospital.

Now you can recollect the words in the correct order, can't you?
Likewise you can remember any set of words,phrases etc.using this method.The only thing you've to do is to make unusual sentences.Try it!You will be able to recollect any words or phrases!