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Tee Vee


I am one who loves life and all that is associated with it, whether good or not so good. I teach Primary School and I am a wife of one and mother of four, two adults and two wanna be teenagers. I love the Lord with all that is within me and He has brought me thus far, and continues to carry me. Were it not for Him I would not survive in this world. To find out a little more about me you can visit http// can be found by the seaside at times, just watching the tide go out and come in. There is something very soothing in that for me.


In life there are always people who will rub you the wrong way. I have learnt that of the 100% of people that you will meet, 20% will not like you, so hey, learn to live with it. My mother taught me that where horse reach, jackass will reach too, it will just take a little longer so I don't worry about others I just concentrate on what I am good at. I am unique and there is no one else like me. TV 1.jpg