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Content Resource on Culture


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Language of Culture

Any concept requires to be defined in clear terms and the technical terms are to be defined.

The Language of Culture is "Love and Care." Let this be expressed as LC4LC . Why 4 is used will be evident below. Its practical application is being human globally. Language is popularly defined as a means of communication and medium of record of thoughts,feelings,ideas in general and knowledge in particular. Here is a course which proposes to make the participant discover learning which takes place without language intervention. This is the way towards global citizenship. This is not a new idea. It is as old as the Vedic tradition. Before joining this course a participant is required to join Learning4Content workshop which is the platform to take off to the domain of learning without language.

Draft:1 Report to be ready before 10th june,2008

Section: Approach

This section deals with the pragmatic approach to definitions.

I love to look into friendly eyes and see me there; believe that life is to love and be loved; feel that if I am not for others what for am I ?, and if I am not for me who else is there for me !; I know that Sanskrit is not a dead language – because I am not dead to it – and it is so unique that it functions at multi-dimensional levels of Body-Mind-Soul. Music , any music which does not devalue the human dignity, is my breathe. These words may sound autobiographical,but they are not. It is LC4LC in real life.

Culture is central to human consciousness and hence it is necessary to become conscious of what it is from the centre of consciousness. In other words, culture is essential to experience culture. It means that no aspect of culture can be experienced as an outsider. Precisely for this reason it is better to get into the living atmosphere of the culture of a given nation and feel it at heart, touch it with receptivity, listen to its sounds with a child's curiosity, see its colours with joy and for all these life-activities no language is required.

It is like learning swimming for which entering the water is a must. So too culture demands elimination of the sense of insecurity, distance, unfamiliarity, judgment and complexes. Stepping out of "I" and stretching into "WE" is crucial to true experience of culture. This is achieved through the process of identification with every gesture, movement, manner, tone, look, emphasis, accent and all these are taken care of by receptivity and attitude. Nothing mechanical and/or intellectual about it. Hence it is rightly said that culture is not taught, it is caught. Academically literate need not be culturally literate as it is often evident among the most civilized human beings. Academic literacy does not assure cultural refinement. Enlightened self-conscience is the hall mark of cultural refinement. This comes by living amidst the enlightened ones in the school of life. To attempt creating an academic curriculum for culture is therefore as naive and stupid as making clay out of pot. How to go about, then?

Is there a wiki way out? I believe that there is. [1]

  • Pragmatic culture.
  • Cultural pragmatism.
  • Value culture.
  • Cultural value.

Advantages of this approach

  1. It is free from dogmas.
  2. It takes care of being objective.
  3. It respects the views of others.
  4. It is the Wiki way.


Human impact



SRD360degree resourcefulness Global Citizenship

Global Citizen

This image is a collage of 30 animals collectively giving the human face impression which I love to call Global Citizen. 360degree resourcefulness is a concept I developed when I started blogging to communicate what inspired me as an insight while I was preparing my thesis for Ph.D degree in Sanskrit. SRD, which means spiritual resources development, is a new priority area I have discerned in my said thesis. This again is the concept up gradation of HRD, human resources development which emerged during my experiential learning and performance research in the field of traditional discipline called Tantra. This term in Sanskrit means expansion of consciousness and protection of that accomplishment.

Human consciousness alone is capable of embracing the global expanse through inheriting the values and meanings which enable one to be human globally. Those cultures which have these values and meanings which are transferred through intergenerational means have stood the test of time and are still living. However, the modern family disconnect syndrome has hit hard on these means. Live at a distance and stay connected is the irony of relationships in the present days. There seems to be a way out and that can be accomplished by WikiEducator.

The course material under preparation would elucidate these ideas and bring out an action plan to achieve the global goal of global citizenship.



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