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Towards Global Citizenship.

An idea inspired by my online presence and activities as a Teacher-Learner at

Citizenship is a political concept and it is nation-specfic. It is limited by the geographical area and law. The time has come to contemplate over global citizenship as anyone can reach more and travel less across the globe through world wide web.

In what way this kind of concept up gradation of citizenship can help the Wiki Educator endeavour of creating a knowledge-base accessible to all across the globe? The answer precisely lies here. The community values of COL/Wiki Educator/-- demand and warrant formulation of global values which empower any human being to feel at home with any other without creating any sort of isolation and/or divide. WE ought to stand and and act as one family in thought, word and deed.

Here follows the (s)core values which transform the political citizen into a global citizen who knows the value of being human globally.

1) H - Help ever, hurt never.

2) H - Health is wealth; cherishit for everand wish it for all.

3) H - Hygiene is the test of sanity. Be sane.

4) H - Humour. Without it life would be like a rainbow in black and white.

5) H - Honour is being human globally.

6) H - Hope for global understanding to make global peace prevail.