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"Coming soon to this page all the practice required"

This word is bold and this word is italics.


Course Description:
Course Outline::




My Wiki To Do List for Thursday - Day 4

  1. Download a CheatSheet
  2. Create a sandbox
    • Learn about headings
    • Learn about indenting
  3. Construct various lists
    • Bulleted lists
    • Numbered lists

Week 2 For 03 March, 2008

Inserting images that already exist in wiki
Cherry blossom compressed.JPG

===For Day 6... a bit late===

This is my first thumbnail

Flowers of the Garden


====Recent Changes Page====

Icon objectives.jpg
At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  1. List two steps in wiki editing
  2. Demonstrate the use of any two of the following:
    • bold
    • italics
    • internal links

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