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Contact-new.svg Nodumo Dhlamini
Occupation:ICT Professional

Conferences and Workshops Attended

  • ASTI
  • Web 2.0
  • Educause
  • ITS Conference

Research Interests

African Higher Education Institutions have “matured” over the years and they are expected to provide leadership in a number of areas – creating and disseminating new knowledge (inventions, technologies, new ways of doing things, etc); providing appropriate solutions to address economic and developmental challenges; producing relevant and appropriately trained graduates to lead the continent; being centers of excellence from where the other institutions and organizations learn best practices; lobbying and advocating governments to implement enabling national policies and strategies to support education and research; leading the way in areas of peace, leadership and good governance in order to ensure sustainability of all the developmental efforts. Over the years I have asked myself whether we were not asking too much from universities? Are the African universities adequately resourced? Are they adequately supported? Do they understand their expected roles? Do all the stakeholders understand the expected role so that the required support is availed to the universities?

Question: “Why are African Universities not the drivers of ICT innovations?

Consultancies Carried Out

ASTI Training

ICT Infrastructure Analysis and E-learning Readiness

Web 2.0 Training

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