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Content Coming Soon....

Today is Monday, 23rd March, 2009AD and this is part of my initiation in the syntax for wikieducator.

We are learning new ways to enter and format text in the SANDBOX !


Thus far, we have been practising how to include the following syntax without using the toolbar:

  1. italic
  2. bold
  3. bold and italic
  4. horizontal lines ----
  5. Including headings & subheadings as shown below


Main Heading

Sub Heading

Sub Heading

Sub Sub heading

Sub sub heading

Important points here can have bullets

  • point one
  • point two
  • point three
  • point four
    • point four one
      • point four one two

Below is the evidence of indentation

This is one indent
This is two indent
This is three indent

Inserting Numbers and Sub numbers below

  1. number one
  2. Number two
  3. Number three
  4. Number four
    1. Number four one
    2. Number four two
    3. Number four three
      1. Number four three one
      2. Number four three two

24th March, 2009AD.

Inserting external links:

Here are some interesting sites:

Please visit the college website

cricket update

Inserting Images:

This is an image that already exists in Wiki

The First Image I inserted
Thumbnail image with a Caption:
This is My First Thumbnail
Inserting an Image with a Frame:
Creative Commons Makes It Flow.
Inserting a link for external image that has to be imported

This is an image imported from outside wiki

Working with Templates

==Inserting Web Resources

Icon inter.gif

Web Resources

As an online aid for you as you read, please check your understanding by referring to

the guide questions at

Inserting Activities

Now that you have done all of the readings, let's check your progress and understanding. Complete the following activity.

Icon activity.jpg

Inserting Assessment

The following assessment checks your overall understanding of this course. Please complete after you have thoroughly done all readings and check-point quizzes.

Icon qmark.gif


Assessment on Unit One

Inserting Media

To help you to appreciate the concepts outlined in this module, please observe the following video and comment on the gender dynamics in the workplace

Icon multimedia.gif


Check this out

Inserting Readings

( See the syntax inserted here to allows me to separate the Reading from the image when they seem to overlap)

Icon reading.jpg


Your Required reading appears here

All About Sugar -city, St. Kitts


Defining Gender:

Defining Sex:

The Concept “ Biology of Gender’:


Reading :

Gender Frameworks- Different Perspectives on Gender: