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Reading Fiction and Drama


To introduce the students to various types of novels, short stories and drama.

To familiarise the students with the basic concepts in theory of these genres mainly narrative techniques, theme, point of view, plot, structure, setting, dialogu and characterization.

This module is on Short Stories

As the objective is to make the students familiar with the basic concepts, the major thrust here would be on various elements of short stories with reference to two short stories ('The Birth of Karna' and 'Akalavya's Training')selected from the prescribed stories from Mahabharat.

A Short Story is a short fictional narrative having a few characters,events and plot in order to produce a desired effect in the mind of the reader.It is different from a novel, though various narrative technique of novels are applicable to short stories .However the desired result is achieved by using various literary devices.

The plot of any literary work refers to its narrative structure arranging the incidents and events in such a manner that it will have a neat beginning,a middle and an end, as Aristotle has stated.Besides a story ought to have a rising action, climax and falling action leading to the end.