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Sandbox Debznz

Course title: Programme design and development                               Course code: AE 6.07

Overview for Workshop 1 - 27.07.2010

  • Opening
  • Introductions
  • Participant concept map "Curriculum"
  • Introduction to Course
  • Group brainstorm: Features of curriculum
  • Key areas curriculum: a summary
  • Individual activity: How would I design a course/programme?
  • Curriculum development theory timeline
  • Small group activity: Course design game
  • Review
  • Self-learning tasks and closure

Editing practice: 27.07.2010

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 EIT Hawkes Bay

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Wiki Project 2010: Bicultural Practice

Practice uploading a wiki image

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Maori design

Resized Maori Design
Resized Maori Design 2

Inserting Templates

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Web Resources

Wikimedia Commons
Open Photo
Open Clipart

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Journal Writing
  • Plan to journal at a regular time each day
  • Spend a few minutes reflecting on the events of the day
  • Choose a situation or event that has your attention
  • Describe ...

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Scrapbooking Media Releases
  1. This is an individual project
  2. Source media releases from any of the folowing
    • Newspaper (national or local)
    • Radio
    • TV news
    • Online media sites