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Ideas for my first Wiki Resource

I have decided to develop a short workshop as my initial contribution to WikiEducator. I have designed and delivered many workshops over the years and it is now a matter of deciding which area I wish to focus on for my WE contribution.

Workshop content ideas

A drama-in-education workshop exploring the concept of Access

The following ideas spring to mind:

  • How to run an effective meet, greet and warm-up
  • An introduction to LifeLong Learning
  • The basics of Adult Education
  • An introduction to Facilitation
  • The basics of Community Theatre
  • Boal's Three Stage Theory as a Rehearsal for Revolution

Workshop structure ideas

My speciality in developing distance education was a focus on trying to bring together the dynamic participatory and experiential learning elements inherent in drama-in-education with the often more isolating pursuit of 'distance education. I am interested in continuing this quest within the WE parametres, so I will attempt to create a workshop that is directed toward helping the facilitator engage his/her participants in activities rather than simply information delivery and discussion!

Challenge, here I come!!