HIV/AIDS Introductory Workshop

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HIV/AIDS, me and my world

This workshop

The workshop below is a reworked version of the first session of a larger HIV/AIDS educator training programme. It can be adapted and used on its own or used as the introduction to a longer learning programme, such as the HIVAIDS programme offered on WE by Otago Polytechnic.


This workshop session is aimed at personalising HIV/AIDS while placing related issues and impacts in a broader context. (If you are using this session as an introduction to a larger HIV/AIDS education process, you can include aims such as introducing the learners to the programme facilitators and to the programme as a whole.)

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By the end of this session learners will have:

  • Met and begun to develop relationships with their fellow learners and the facilitator/s.
  • (Explored the purpose and structure of the longer course).
  • Discussed the 'life as a classroom' concept and identified the need to be alert to learning opportunities about HIV/AIDS in all contexts.
  • Explored HIV/AIDS as a disease infecting and affecting individual humans within a broader context.
  • Explored what it means to be human and have needs.
  • Related a personal experience of and explored how they feel about HIV/AIDS.
  • Begun to identify how HIV/AIDS impacts on what it means to be human and on human needs.
  • Explored what they hope to gain by learning more about HIV/AIDS.


In order to run this session effectively you will need:

  • Newsprint sheets
  • Felt-tip pens
  • Crayons
  • Prestick or masking tape
  • A4 sheets of blank paper

Time required

This session should take approximately 6 hours including teas and lunch times.