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My name is Debela Olani Deme, I born in Western Shewa zone, Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia. Currently I am working in Oromia Water, Mineral and Energy Bureau, Regional State of Oromia.I live in Addis Ababa Capital city of Ethiopia and city of African Union also.

Professional life

Professionally,I am hydro-geologist and I have carried out different activities related to my profession such as groundwater investigation, drilling works, geophysical surveys and so on.And also participated in different social works. Now I am working in water resources management department at regional Bureau of oromia.


I have interest to communicate with different people of the world about climate change that affect our world and I want to work in such sector with the same interest with me to save our environment for the next generation. Academically I have MSc. in hydro geology.

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