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Congratulations on setting up your sandbox where you can practice the codes. --Nellie Deutsch 01:05, 16 June 2009 (UTC) Duncan Washington Thanks i am now testing my interlink and external links and also newpage[1] thing.

My internal link is taking u to the last linespecial poem for u mum on the poem below.

Beautiful surprise Are you ok son? You pull me up when I am down Your care is so deep beyond comparison You love warms up my heart everyday I can’t show and describe it For I miss the words to tell about you mum You are an inspiration to my life Blessed am I to have a friend like you For you’re that river running through the desert A cool breeze on a summer day Comforter before pain The motherly love I long for You are part of the reason I smile What a wonderful sweet mum? You are a beautiful surprise special poem for u mum....