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Hullo!  My name is Daniel Mckee and I am a student enrolled in CIS 50 at De Anza College in Cupertino.  I have a large interest in Computers stemming from a young age and spend a good deal of my time "twiddling" with them in my home.  I am hoping that this class will give me a better understanding of how systems outside of my home operate and interact with the world.

Lifecycle - Concept Development Week 1

Online/Text Message Ordering for Food Service

Users: Customers and Employees

Customer Needs: Browser or Mobile Phone

System/Employee Needs: Website and/or phone # to initiate order, readout of incoming/outgoing orders, browser/client to confirm orders and alert customer for pickup, pre-payment options for customer(credit cards verification etc..)

Available Information: Menu, Pricing, Location

System's Requirements part 1

   Users would need an internet ready computer and browser, but that's the easy part.
   The system would require some type of monitor or (preferably) touchscreen interface for the employee tasked with receiving and confirming orders.
   An easily updatable database to track menu items and pricing.
   Possibly a ticketing or printing system for sending orders to or receiving orders in the kitchen.