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About Damas Ogwe

Damas Ogwe is the Country Content Facilitator for the Kenya Telecentres Link, a not for profit organization which focusses on enhancing the work of telecentres within the country through capacity builing, technical and online support, networking and partnerships as well as encouraging content sharng for development. Damas has 18 years work experience gained especially in mainstream media. His most immediate assignment was with Ugunja Community Resource Centre as a Project Officer in charge of Information and Community Media.

About this Page

The aim of this page is for the author to be able to share his thoughts and ideas, experiences and challenges with the view of allowing for learnings from others as well as welcoming critique of what has been done with the sole aim of ensuring a vibrant and sustainable telecentre movement in Kenya. However, some of the work that will be posted here may stretch beyond the telecentre sector but will never the less strive to touch on the development agenda at the grassroots in general and to a lesser extenet at the national level