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e-learning workshop

  1. Theoretical foundations.
    1. Rationale.
    2. Strategies ahead.
  2. Methodological dimensions.
  3. Operational modes.
  4. Assesment procedures.
  5. Feedback.
  6. Future Disposition.
    1. How to proceed.
      1. How to evaluate.
      2. How to guide?
  7. How to motivate?

Integrating e_learning in Teacher Education

Face to face learning

In this mode of learning teacher and the students are in direct to each other.

On-Line Learning

This is the learning in webspace, where teacher and the student are not in face to face contact.

Merging face to face with on-line mode

In a country like India ther is a big challenge to meet out the access of learning facilties in the diverse range, there is a need to merge e-learning mode with conventional vis a vis alternate E T