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Biographical Details

  1. My name is .cyprian Nkondi.I work at Kenya Institute of Education as a curricum specialist in the Division of Technical,Industrial,Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training(TIVET). In the Division I am in charge of Entrepreneurship Training.My area of specialisation is in Business Studies and Entrepreneurship. I hold a bachelor of Education in Business Studies and Religious Studies and an MSc in Entrepreneurship. Currently persuing a PHd studies in Entrepreneurship at Jomo Kenyatta University.

Institution of Work

  1. The Kenya Institute of Education in which i work is a National Curriculum and Research Centre charged with the responsibility of conducting research and preparing curriculum and curriculum support materials for all levels of education, below the university. It operates under the Education Act cap 211 of the laws of Kenya guided by various notices notices given from time to time by the government.


Institutional Address

Our contact is can be done through the institution address which is The Kenya Institute of Education,P O Box 30231 or Phone no 254-020-3749900-9, Nairobi Kenya.

Personal Intrests

My hobbies are reading, research and Writing. I have Textbooks and other teaching materials to support education in Secondary Education levels.

Leasons i teach

Entrepreneurship Business Studies