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[[File:Example.jpg]]My name is C.V.Ramana, a trainer in Financial Services Industry, for the past 7 years. I come with a 14 years of front line selling experience, prior to that.

Insurance, Life and General, Investments, Mutual Funds, stocks, are the domain specialiity.

When it comes to management training programs, MDP, soft skills training and other skill based trainings, Organizational Development ( OD ) initiatives, are my speciality - where I have hands on experience.

Welcome to our Wiki page, where we are creating pages for mutual learning and learner to learner interactions.

And do send feed back ! We will strive to make it better !

Purpose of this site is to CREATE sharable knowledge among students of this course. Each one of you come with RICH & DIVERSE Experience in financial markets and sales and have a lot to learn from each other.

Let us use this site for

(a) To update one another about the best performing funds available in India (b) asset allocation by top fund managers (c) prognosis about the debt and equity markets

all this is to -- help our investor to get a better, inflation-beating return in his/her investment.

Bye and best wishes CVR