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Training for Jamaican Community College Educators on using Wiki to design and develop material for Open and Distance Learning

Cebert Adamson, Curriculum Development Officer,CCCJ

Welcome to the wonderful world of wiki training.

The Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica as part of its strategic plan and Vision 2010, is making every effort to develop courses for online delivery. Community Colleges have always been about access and lifelong learning - anywhere, at anytime for everyone. It is becoming more and more difficult for many persons to access training. The reasons are many. Whatever the reasons, we at the CCCJ are committed to providing Jamaicans with access to higher education right at the click of a mouse.

As an Officer and Faculty member of the CCCJ and its affiliate Colleges, you need to be so empowered and become familiar with the tools that will be used to achieve this vision.

You will be part of a training workshop designed to provide you with the basic skills for future development in this area. The workshops will be held at a date to be determined.

It is very important that all participants go through all the pre-workshop activities and tutorials before the start of the face to face sessions.

Welcome again and we look forward to wonderful navigation.

Cebert Adamson
Curriculum Development Officer
Council of Community Colleges of JamaicaCCCJ
Lead Facilitator

Pre-Workshop Activities for Community Colleges Officers and Faculty

Getting Started

In order to navigate these tutorials, it is very important that you register. Click away...
  • Registering an account
  • Accessing the account
To start navigating in this wonderful world of wiki, click on the following link Getting Started in Wiki

What is Wiki?

So now that you have created an account, you now need to understand more about wiki, so that you can create material and engage learners in the wonderful world of online learning. Happy Scrolling!
Click on the link to understand more. What is Wiki

Using Wiki to Develop and Edit Material

Well, hi there!
If you are here, it means that you have been able to create an account and is accessing your account. Congtats!, you have done very well.
Now its time to start developing material and use basic edit principles. Have fun as you navigate this new world!

Basics of Editing on Wiki

Using Wiki to format

Adding New Pages and Links in Wiki

Now that we've made our first edit, and explored a few text formatting features it will be useful to learn how to create new pages and how to link these pages together. In this tutorial we will look at how to create a new page and how to add links in the wiki to both pages within the wiki and outside to sites in the World Wide Web. Click away and happy wiki-ing!

Adding new pages and linking pages

Inserting Images and Media

There will be times when you may want to illustrate something with that picture that is worth a thousand words or, in this day and age, perhaps that podcast of your interview with a famous scientist. Adding images and other media into the wiki is great way to enrich your pages and create a compelling learning experience. Go thou nand add wiki-learner!

Inserting Images and media

Collaborative Editing

Creating educational content on WikiEducator is quite different from what you may be used to. WikiEducators' contributors may come from many different institutions, countries and cultures and have different views, perspectives, and backgrounds, sometimes varying widely. Treating others with respect is the key to collaborating effectively in building useful resources on WikiEducator. Remember that all resources on WikiEducator are viewable and potentially editable by anyone who creates an account. Expect your work to be edited by others and resolve any disputes or leave comments by using the Discussion pages.
Wiki is built on the open free software platform, as such anything that is uploaded on the wiki, there is the high potential that it will be edited.
Now I know that this sounds very strange and is not a practcie that you are familair with. This concept has been postulated by many because it helps to strengthen educators. Go ahead and collaborate - the world is indeed a global village.

Collaboratove Editing

Tools used for Collaborating on Wiki

We have been through the tutorial on collaborating on wiki and the benefits of such collaboration. It is therefore very important that we look the tools for colloboration. Many have heard of MSN Chat or Yahoo Chat or discussion boards etc. let us now enter the world on online talk!

Tools for Collaborating

Using iDevices and Templates

A range of iDevice templates have been developed in WikiEducator that you can use in your content. If you have been following along in these tutorials you may have noticed a couple of them already.
In this section we will learn the basic syntax required for including these pedagogical templates inside your content and take a look at examples of the iDevice templates available to you.
Devices and Templates

Pertinent Issues in Wiki

Kindly review these pertinent issues regarding using the wiki.

Thinking about Structure
The Principle of Free Content

Workshop for Training Educators to Design and Develop ODL Material

Now that you have completed the wiki educator tutorials, congratulations. Youo have just completed 50% of the work required to become a designer and developer of ODL content.
This workshop will be conducted over three days. It will require serious committment on each participant to become engaged in this new learning process.
Kindly go the following site for a schedule of the workshop Workshop Schedule
Welcome again and we look forward to a wonderful three day and an exciting future on wiki. ODL - the new and exciting way to teaching and learning.
All material for the workshop can be accessed from the following site. Workshop Modules