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Christina 2010
Employer:St. George College, TAFE
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About Me

HELLO ALL my name is CHRISTINA TOTSIS and I am a new contributor to WIKI EDUCATOR. I am a full time teacher at the ST GEORGE COLLEGE OF TAFE - SYDNEY INSTITUTE NSW AUSTRALIA St George TAFE campus. My area of teaching is in Construction Management and Architectural Technology.

I am currently involved in the development of resources for the new NEW NATIONAL TRAINING PACKAGE IN CONSTRUCTION BCBG03. My team members and I will be endeavouring to place as much of our work on to WIKI EDUCATOR for all who are interested to learn as much about construction in Australia.

The teaching staff and I at the School of Building - St George TAFE NSWhave also been assisting in the development of resources for the new National Training Package in Construction. Teaching staff at the School are working towards placing training material on-line via the Moodle portalto facilitate training of the new Certificate IV in Construction.

My Interests

Being an Architect my interests revolve around buildings............I love looking at them, designing them and photographing them. The new sustainable designs fascinate me and I am amazed at the creativity of those who want to design "outside of the box" I wish I could find the time to devote to designing my dream ideas but invariably I have been caught up with client's needs and budgets and council building constraints which can dampen ones I travel to see the world's architecture first hand and walk the streets and feel the vibe. To touch the textures and feel the spaces that these world buildings create. This re-inspires me and keeps me content that the creative torch is still out there.

You can see and learn a myriad of things on the web and for those who do not have the luxury to move freely on this planet then this medium is your eyes and ears and I marvel at its diversity and the access that it can provide to those who are less fortunate than me.

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This is a little bit about me:

My Skills

I do have a computer background and thus have developed skills in Computer Drafting (CAD). My main skills are in ACAD, ADT and VIZ. I love designing in 3D, this allows me the luxury of a little creativity more than a 2D medium. The virtual design world is taking off and I can see myself eventually donning my virtual head gear and building my designs the way I want them to be.

P.S. I also love some quiet time to sit by the beach and read a good book in peace.. :)
The beach

My Collaboration Interests

My team members and I at St George TAFE Sydney Institute - St George TAFE and the Centre for Learning Innovation CLI will be providing resources on the new national training package in construction BCG03 NTIS. In order to assist in the collaborative effort amongst the teaching staff we will be providing material to aid the development of learning and teaching resources.

Template: St George Building Teacher's Learning Hub

This page will link teachers to my new Navigation template for the St George Building Teacher's Learning Hub St George Building Teacher's Learning Hub

The Centre for Learning Innovation has also established a Building and Construction page BRIKI for the housing of all relevant information relating to the new National Training Package BCG03. Contributions are welcome in order for all teachers facilitating in this new training package to have available on-line resources.

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