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Contact-new.svg Crispin Libimba
Employer:Evelyn Hone College
Other roles:Head of Department - Business Studies
Country:Zambia ZmFlag.gif
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Crispin Libimba

I graduated from the University of Zambia in 1988 after having successfully studied a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. I worked in various companies before joining Evelyn Hone College in 1995 as a Head of Section Production Management.I was promoted to the post of Head of Department - Business Studies in 2003. The position I am still holding to date.

What do I lecture?

I Lecture in various subjects in:

  • Production and Operations Management
  • Business
  • Information and Communication Technology

My objectives

To spearhead the use of free and open source software and also open education resources

My family

I am married with four children. Three girls and one boy

My hobbies

  1. Listening to music
  2. Watching soccer - I am a soccer fan for Chelsea Football Club
  3. Making friends
  4. Surfing the net