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BCS Student, Finishing at end of year! woohooo!

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Activity 8.2 Reflection
During this course I have learnt the importance of digital learning in the technological age we live in. I was also surprised that their are people who have PhD’s in digital learning and are experts in the field. I also gained a consciou...
— crcasbolt 2015-05-09 23:49:37
Activity 8.1
Here is a video outlining the process of cooking a steak. It has easy step – by step audio instructions that are simple to follow. The video itself is of a high quality and shows the right shots at the right time (in line with the audio)...
— crcasbolt 2015-05-09 23:49:12
An ePortfolio is an electronic collection of someones work, research, projects and anything else that could be used to show of their skills. It can be useful in an eLearning environment as it can provide a repository of related work from one teach...
— crcasbolt 2015-03-31 02:10:24
The lecture with Joyce was interesting. I really opened my eyes to how inefficient my Personal learning network is. I feel I often will have information bloat and can struggle to deal with it. I am going to be very mindful now of filtering all my...
— crcasbolt 2015-03-30 22:59:50


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