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Contact-new.svg Claudette Phoenix
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Employer:NCERD , Ministry of Education
Occupation:Chief Test Development Officer
Other roles:Nil
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Contact Information

  • Name: Claudette Phoenix
  • E-mail:


My most recent project is the Early Grade Reading Assessment Survey. During this survey, information was collected on primary school pupils' reading skills. This was done in a sample of schools in Guyana. The data collected is now being processed


I am a Guyanese by birth. I was born and bred in Georgetown.I now reside in the south eastern section of Georgetown. I can be referred to as a "town" girl.

I am tall and "chubby" and dark in complexion. I like to wear my hair short. I am a bit old fashioned, so I try to 'dress my age'. I have one child (a boy) and one grandchild ( a girl). These two people are the joy of my life. They keep me going.

I work with the Ministry of Education.I have been with this Ministry since 1974. I am attached to the Measurement and Evaluation Unit. I enjoy working in this Unit.

Professional Background

  • Ministry of Education, National Center for Educational Resources , (NCERD-Web)
  • Teaching experience: 21 years, 5 months (September 1974- February 1996)
  • Measurement and evaluation experience: 13 years (March 1996-present)
  • Responsible for all national examinations in Guyana. This responsibility includes the preparation of pre-tests papers, prepartion of final papers, marking of scripts and publication of results.

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Reading, cooking and travelling

sb_2good4u:If you're interested in cooking come to my class