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-Title (Working Title) Evaluation of Technology and Tools for eLearning/mLearning

== Evaluation of Technology and Tools for Learning ==[[1]]

-Abstract Outside of the classroom, ‘Technology’ is primarily driven by social factors such as the growing home entertainment and games sectors – whilst technology within education is driven by pedagogical needs, financial systems and political will. It is very likely that the world of technology will continue to develop at a rapid pace in the short- medium-term, regardless of whether institutions choose to acknowledge this or not. The application of technology in education should prepare students for the world of work, whilst also giving them real-life practical skills. Where then, do Technology and Education meet? In this chapter, I propose that technology must become so embedded within education that it ceases to be treated as a separate entity. In order to become fully embedded - technology must be properly evaluated against realistic pedagogical, technical and social criteria.

-list of chapter contributors Hawksworth, Colin C.

-quote A realistic evaluation & application of technology in education

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-case study