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HIV myths

About Me

Colette Blockley, RN, PhD candidate
Principal lecturer; School of Nursing
Otago Polytechnic,
Forth Street
New Zealand

My Interests

Personal - Gardening, craft work, reading, tramping although I don't get much time to do any of the above.


I have three adult children. Christopher and his wife Karina, Andrew and his about to be wife Emma (the big day is in October) and Yvette who I am proud to report is a registered nurse working in a paediatric hospital in Melbourne Professional - I love teaching tertiary level students, especially Bachelor of nursing students. I teach third year nursing students in the intensive care, emergency department, paediatric ward and hospice clinical areas. I also teach third year students leadership skills and death and dying. I became involved with Wikieducator through the development of a course for registered nurses on the care of people with HIV/AIDS which goes on-line next year

Work history

Registered nurse (graduated 1976). Worked in a variety of specialities including paediatrics, oncology, palliative care, infectious diseases nursing, emergency nursing and intensive care. Nursing lecturer since 1989.

Academic qualifications

BA 1995, Diploma in religious studies 1999, MA 2000, Diploma of Teaching (Tertiary) 2001, PhD candidate since 2006

Colette after a hard day at work!