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How much wood could a woodchuck chuck,if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

El bloguerismo de nuestra clase:

El tema de que quiero hablar:

Los aspectos mas importante de este tema:

I need to create a clear and step by step set of instructions on using wikis

  1. to break down the step of constructing a personal blog to practice
    • journal writing
    • self-expression
    • more comfortable and effective use of either a heritage or second language.
  2. to present more frequent and varied opportunities to second language learners to
    • practice every day instead of when we are synchronously (physically face to face) together
    • individualize instruction and practice through 24/7 access to a class wiki

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Web Resources

Here are some blogs dealing with news and politics:

a very extensive portal for news and commentary with a liberal tendency

a very extensive portal for news and commentary with a conservative bent

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How to write a deep and thoughtful blogpost

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