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Things and stuff coming soon ... :-)

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Let's see, something I am passionate about ... mmm ... for lack of inspiration at this precise moment, let me write something about my kitty cats.

My Cats:

Tallin and Tequilla

Tallin and Tequilla are ginger girls - sisters yet with their own personalities.


Tallin is otherwise known as crazy cat - she is adventurous, active and small in size. She sometimes runs around like crazy and is typical in the nature of cats in that she only wants attention when she asks for it.


Tequilla is not pronounced like the drink Tequila - rather it's pronounced Tekwilla. She is otherwise known as fat cat. She's not really that fat, but is bigger than her sister - she is also dark ginger. She loves attention and is always ready and willing to be cuddled. She stays home more, especially when we are around.

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