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Welcome to my sandbox! the content might seem a bit random while I play with WE... sorry!

I work with a curious bunch of Year 5 and 6 children who are learning to make the most of Web 2. Our school year is just about to begin and I spent last week getting our wiki and blog ready. They are very empty and just waiting for the kids to get going. As a teacher, I have realised the importance of using these tools with the children. They are motivated by the tools and I am able to integrate them into what has always been sound pedagogy.

Our class wikispace [1] gives us...

  • online sharing our writing
  • a Real audience to write for
  • a chance to give feedback to each other
  • the opportunity to respond to feedback and edit accordingly

Our class blog [2] gives us...

  1. individual and group reflection about our learning
  2. different perspectives from people around the world
  3. a daily/weekly record of our learning experiences