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Who am I

My name is Cletus k. Ngaaso.I come from Duusi, a village in the Tallensi/Nabdam Distrit of the Upper Eeast Region,Ghana.I am a post graduate student of the University of Cape Coast.Ilike listening to news and discussings on current affairs.


I am a lecturer in the department of social studies eduacation.I also teach issues relating to the African family systems at the Centre of African Studies(CAS).

Iam currently a student at the University of Cape Coast(UCC). I teach the following courses;

  • SSE121;Gender issues and development
  • SSE123;Environmental problems of Ghana
  • SSE353;The search for national development in Ghana


I had my elementary education at Duusi R/C Primary and Sheagah middle schools.

My secondary education was at Notre Dame secondaryand Bawku secondary schools respctively. I completed the University of Education in 1998 with 1st class honours in social studies.

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