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My profile

I am a Learning Resource Design Strategist with UBC’s Centre for Teaching,Learning and Technology and is engaged in a variety of projects related to the development of web based resources to support learning-wherever it happens. I've been a college instructor, consider myself a perpetual learner, and have been involved with educational technology and distance learning for the past several years at UBC. She blogs infrequently at: Potentially Coherent  and tweets sporadically @cindyu.

Formative Experiences

  • teaching young children
  • collaborating with a Hungarian ex-pat on a program teaching "developmental" drama to young children (this means drama using imagination and very few props).
  • working with families of very ill, severely challenged children.
  • coordinating a community translation program (with very little knowledge of other languages myself).
  • teaching adults in a community college setting (night school!)

Formative Learning

I've studied psychology (Arts - Simon Fraser University), Special Education (University of British Columbia), Educational Technology (few courses in the technology based distributed learning program). Still learning new things every day that are forming and shaping my work.

My Interests

Samples of other wiki projects from my UBC work.

My blog.