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The draft needs more work on it. I am puzzled at the way you cite references at this stage of your studies. Check the multiplicity of 'ways' you use in your introduction, AMAZING. The title does not read well, remove 'supplements'. In your results, there seem to missing [B*T] interaction results, what happened to that analysis? Please present results in one form not duplicating the presentation in form of tables then graphs. That is not acceptable to present the same data in two forms, even at undergrad level. Some of the results are lacking the correct language of use when presenting them, check in text. What are the units of measurement of your variables?


this is me in field

Web 2.0 for development

  • Fruits
  • Mango
    • Guava
    • orange
      • Apple

Goal keeper

    1. Peter


  1. Joe
  2. Chunga
  3. Never
  4. Dad
  5. pets
    1. GI