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My name is hailemariam behailu, I am working in Gambella national regional state,Gambella districtnatural as land resource person.Gambella is situated in the southwestern part of the country. It has hot climate that temperature reach to 42 degree centigrade during the dry season.


I did my study in countryside and aboroad in plant scinece and forestry respectively. recently i graduated from hawassa university in agricultural extension and rural development.The main duties of my post is to suatainable manage the existing resource and addressing the need of the rural people. [http:/ ministry of agriculture]

work life

I have been living Gambella for the last 20 years and I like the living style of the local people. Theer are many rivers cuting the region and flow to neighboring sudan. Most of the people livelihood attached to the major rivers resources. most of them like to swim and i also like to swim.

forest cover in Gambella

  • Natural forest
  • wood land
  • grass land
major rivers
this is rainfall taken in tropical forest
  1. Baro
  2. Gilo
  3. Alwero
  4. Akobo

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