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Contact-new.svg Jordan Kalumba
Employer:Zambia Institute of Management
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About Me

My name is Jordan Kalumba. I am a lecturer at Zambia Institute of Management City campus. I teach the following Courses Maths and Statistics, computer architecture, Programming and web design and Aspects of microprocessor engineering. Besides these proffesional courses I teach short courses and these include the following webdesigning (using HTML javascript and vbscript), networking techniques and LINUX Ubuntu

My Experience

I have been teaching for five years to date and enjoy the teaching envirolnment. My extra work include organizing education tours especially for senior students, analyzing examinations and also advising students generally on how to handle exams.

Before Zambia Institute of Management I worked for the University of Zambia in the school of Natural Sciences and in 1997 won a science award to participate in a science expedition in Kenya mitito andei sponsored by Earthwatch Europe.

My Training expectations

WiKiEdicator is a good programme that helps us share others especially academic issues in a more and easy way this will enable me teach others about the WiKiEducator but most important I will teach a lot to both my students and also those that will be interested in the academic information that I will be working on on this beautiful and important site.I promise to do my best in order that others can benefit. Now that I programming and web design I think I have found it easier to teach html

My interests

My interests are

  • learning about new technologies in IT
  • Learning new programming languages other than the ones I know
  • Bird watching

I like playing around with my daughters Chibuye and Lubuto

What is pedagogy

This is a methodology of teaching.Pedagogy is also sometimes referred to as the correct use of teaching strategies. In correlation with those teaching strategies the instructor's own philosophical beliefs of teaching are harbored and governed by the pupil's background knowledge and experiences, personal situations, and environment, as well as learning intentions set by the learner and teacher. Having defined pedagogy it important for some one to understand that Information Technology is now a tool for theaching people remotely and many a time free through the services provided by the Wikis such as Wikieducator.

/my sandbox

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