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Contact-new.svg Cheryl Torrie
Employer:Awapuni School
Nationality:New Zealand Maori: Ngati Porou
Country:New Zealand
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My Profile

Professional Background

I have a B.Tch & Lng. I upgraded to this recently after having held my original Trained Teachers Certificate since 1974.


Primary School

I went to school as a little girl at Tolaga Bay. What a place! Heaven on earth!

High School

High school years were at Gisborne Girls High School...good place to play sports. I think I only went to school in those days to eat lunch and play sports. Left GGHS at 16 years of age, at the end of my 6th Form.

Teacher Training

I went to Ardmore Teachers College. Our year group were the last graduands from this institution - it closed at the end of our 3rd year. Many friends and marriages were made at this place.

My Interests

Family come first! I work to live...not live to work. But in saying that I put 100% into my work and the rewards are priceless. Our two children are the big focus of our life. Their interests and pursuits are fully supported by us. The rewards from this are two very honourable young adults who strive to be their best in their chosen professions. One of life's pleasures is watching them develop and succeed. This isn't about wealth creation, but in seeing them use their brains and abilities to work in fulfilling ways. Family means an extended family that are scattered all over the place...yeah for Facebook which enables keeping in touch with young ones! I love Netball. Spent many happy years coaching our daughter's teams as she rose through the ranks. Still organise and coordinate Netball for our 7 - 11 year olds at our school. I am pretty handy with a sewing maching and knitting needles - just need more time. Seems like lots of nieces are producing babies at the moiment, so the knitting needles are having a work out. Struggling to keep up with demand. Maybe if I didn't spend so much time on the internet...mmmm???



Töku Pëpeha

Tënä koutou te whanau akonga

Ko Whetumatarau töku maunga
Ko Awatere töku awa
Ko Horouta töku waka
Ko Tuwhakairiora töku tangata
Ko Ruawaipu töku iwi
Ko te whanau a Kahuwhakatuakina töku hapu
Ko Hinemaurea töku marae
Ko Donald räua ko Harata McLeod töku tïpuna (whaea)
Ko Hugh räua ko Janet Blackman töku tïpuna (matua)
Ko Geoffrey räua ko Audrey Blackman öku mätua
Ko Cheryl Torrie töku ingoa
Nö Uawa ahau
Kei Turanga ahau e noho ana
He Awapuni kura töku mahi

E koa ana te ngakau kia haere mai ai ke te ako I te reo me nga tikanga a o tatou tïpuna. No reira, tënä ano tatau katoa

My heart is glad to come here to learn the language & customs of our tipuna. Therefore once again greetings to you all.


My Projects

My Sandbox

My sandbox

My Reflection

Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours

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