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"Tusonge" Rabbit Project Tusonge is a Kiswahili word which means “we move”. It is from this that Tusonge project was formed. After marketing the community enterprises through e-market library, one of the projects that moved the lead teachers and students was the rabbit project and we felt “we should move” from where we stopped to another level. Hence the birth of “tusonge rabbit Project”

The project is registered fully under GREATER Gayaza High School.

The overall purpose of the organization is to empower the students with entrepreneurship skills, ICT skills, collaboration skills and media creation skills among others in their work under taken for community development activities.

The program benefit the teachers, students and the community.

Objectives of the project

1. To empower the students with entrepreneurship skills

2. To train students in ICT skills needed in business world

3. To empower ourselves economically

4. To create media for Academic purposes using

marketing plan

·         Use of fliers designed using publisher

·         Use of Social media

·         Use of the website

·         use of Students contact

·         School head teachers (school Biology laboratories)

Research stations

'conservation of local medicinal plants'
Students project.jpg


  • Identify and document medicinal plants at school and local communities based on their traditional knowledge
  • Build a medicinal plant data base as a teaching resource for environment education in schools and non formal community (herbalists, village biologists) using ICT.
  • Create awareness of the need to conserve biodiversity of medicinal value and share this information with research and other academic institutions for purposes of collaboration to enrich the data base.
  • Disseminate information and knowledge in order to promote environment education on the importance of medicinal plants and biodiversity
  • For more information check..Conservation of local medicinal plants
  • say no to HIV/AIDS Africa.Say No to HIV awareness