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Blues bands :

-W.C. Handy-

-Mamie Smith-

-Gus Cannon-

-Ma Rainey-


-Big Bill Broonzy-

-Mississippi John Hurt-

-Bessie Smith-

-Tommy Johnson-

R&B bands :

-Whitney Houston-
-Beyoncé Knowles-
-Pharrell Williams-



Pop bands :

-Christina Aguilera-
-Mariah Carey-
-Aaron Carter-
-Hilary Duff-
-Natalie Imbruglia-
-Jennifer Lopez-
-Kylie Minogue-
-Jessica Simpson-
-Britney Spears-
-Gwen Stefani-
-Justin Timberlake-

Rap/Hip-Hop bands :

-Missy Elliott-
-50 Cent-
-Snoop Dogg-
-Kanye West-

-Public Enemy-
-Eric B. & Rakim-
-Notorious B.I.G.-
-A Tribe Called Quest-

Rock bands :


-Led Zeppelin-



-Jimi Hendrix-


-Van Halen-

-Deep Purple-

-Alice Cooper-



Bands to do not listen if you want to have a lot of friends :

-Justin Bieber-

-The Jonas Brothers-

-Miley Cyrus-

-French Rap-