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Personal Details

My name is Charles Oluoch Oloo. I work with Kenya Forestry Research Institute. My core activity and work is website development and management, publish and manage information online.


KEFRI is a government run research institution which is mandated to undertake research and development in Forestry and allied natural resouces and to disseminate research findings as well as new technologies. We are headquarted in Muguga in Kiambu District on the outskirts of Nairobi and have six regional centres accross the country. These research activities are implimented by research programmes formulated to address specific themes. KEFRI is also a leading rea\search institution in the east african region.

Click here to go to [KEFRI]

Products and Services

Our products & services

  1. Web design and development
  2. Community Training


Kenya Forestry Research Institute

P. O. Box 20412

Nairobi 00200


Young beauty from somewhere in Africa

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