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The early years

I have been traducing this kingdom beyond the villages of my birth. In fact i am so far away from both friends and foe from home. I have created new friends and enemies in the country of adoption. It has not been an easy road. it doesn't promise to get easier either. This is how it has been and that is how it is going to be.

I cant help but think of how my life was so innocent herding cattle and fishing when we were little boys. We didn't spend time sitting on a couch watching television like what my kids do. We were outdoor kids. We spend most of our time in the woods and the rivers. Mixing with the wild animals, swimming in rivers where people whom we knew had perished in the same rivers. Be it drowning, hippo or crocodile attacks. How I yearn for those years. When we had no clue where we were heading. Had no clue why we were doing things we were doing except that some of it we enjoyed it, the other part where elders, parents and uncles enforced duties to be performed, there was some resentment. Naturally we were more inclined to play rather than work. That episode of extreme physical work seemed brutal then but 40 years later, I see it differently. It induced endurance that has come handy today. Having to deal with harsh conditions, where a day has hardly passed over the past 15 years without being reminded that you are a foreigner, others in my face an alien, from another planet.