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Welcome to the Course " Assesment in the 21st Century Classroom".

Hello Teachers,
I am Chandresh Bhargava your facilitator for the course. During the course we will encountered with many new helpful ideas, suggestions and thoughts. During the course this wiki provides you with the space to express ideas, discuss and express your learning throughout the program. Wish you a great collaborative learning here!!!


Overview of the Course

‘Nothing that we do to, or for, our students is more important than our Assessment of their work and the feedback we give them on it. The results of our assessment influence our students for the rest of their lives and careers – fine if we get it right, but unthinkable if we get it wrong.’ Assessment lies at the heart of the learning experience: how learners are assessed shapes their understanding of the curriculum and determines their ability to progress. At the same time, assessment and feedback form a significant part of practitioners’ workloads and, with increased numbers, reduced budgets and higher learner expectations, continue to be a matter of concern for many institutions. In this course, teachers will explore the role of assessment in instruction. Participants will learn about the formative and summative assessment, the purposes and methods of assessment, assessment instruments and how to develop an assessment plan and timeline for a unit of study. Support will be provided to participants, through facilitation and the discussion forums, as they redefine the role of assessment in their classrooms.


  • This online course will enable participants to:
  • Identify the characteristics of a 21st century classroom
  • Understand the role of formative and summative assessment
  • Identify the purposes of assessment and select appropriate methods and instruments to meet those purposes
  • Learn to incorporate assessment, including self- and peer assessment, into regular classroom activities •Plan assessments around standards and 21st century skills
  • Create an assessment plan, assessment timeline, and assessment instruments for a unit or project
  • Learn methods to schedule, perform, and record assessment
  • Practice using assessment data to adjust classroom instruction