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Contact-new.svg Champika

Little Bit About Me

My name is Champika Valencia. I work full time and go to school/take online classes at night to complete my degree in Business Administration. I am a loving mother and a wife. I spend my spare time jogging, biking, and enjoy walks with my family.

How I Became a WikiEducator User

I never knew WikiEducator is a great way to collaborate with people around the world until I knew Ms. Taylor. I am taking the CIS2 (Computer and the Internet in Society) class this fall at De Anza college and Ms. Taylor is the instructor. CIS2 is an online class and use the WikiEducator for projects for class assignments.

My Projects with CIS2 Class

Midterm Project

The link below is to a collaborative project that our class completed for the midterm project. I really enjoyed the project and hoping to continue to update it.

Final Project

The final project theme is Global Social Issues and Technology. Five team members including myself in our group will be working on this project. We will be selecting our topic and start collaborate the project in the first week. I am hoping to work on the roles and responsibilities of the project by the second week