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Hello there, I'm a pupil of the Gisela Gym, munich I study physics with mr Oswald as my teacher. I'm 16 years old and like drawing and dancing. Hope you'll be nice to me ;-)

1.9 Rückwärtsgang

a)v=[math]\frac {\Delta {x}} {\Delta {t}}[/math]

 [math]v=\frac {-168m} {12,5s}[/math]
 [math]v=-13.4\frac {m} {s}[/math]

b)[math]x(t)=x_0+v*\Delta {t}[/math]

 [math]x(t)=168m-13.4\frac {m} {s} * 173s[/math]
[math]x(t)=2.16\frac {km} {h}[/math]

c)[math]t=\frac {x(t)-x_0} {v}[/math]

[math]\frac {-6200m-168m} {-13.4\frac {m} {s}}[/math]

4.1: Brummi, Teil 2

c)[math] W_a =\frac {m} {2}* v^2 [/math]

 [math]17500kg * (13.89\frac {m} {s})^2 =3.4MJ[/math]

d1)[math] P=\frac {W} {t}[/math]

  [math]\frac {3375750J} {40s}=84393.75W=84.4kW [/math]

d2)[math] P=\frac {W_a +W_R} {t}[/math]

  [math] 341.9kW[/math]

d3)[math] W_R =F_R *x=[/math]


4.6: Energievergleich

a) [math] E_Kin=\frac {1} {2}m*v^2[/math]

  [math] \frac {1} {2}*2000kg*13.9\frac {m} {s}=[/math]
  [math] 193kJ [/math]

b) [math] E_Pot =m*g*h[/math]

  [math] 1.9MJ [/math]

c) [math] E_Kin =\frac {1} {2}*m*v^2[/math]

  [math] 2MJ[/math]

4.13: Bilderbuchstart




 [math]890kg*5000\frac {m} {s}=[/math]
 [math]F=\frac {p} {\Delta {t}}=[/math]

c)[math]a=\frac{F_S - F_G} {m}[/math]

 [math]\frac {(4.45-1.77)MN} {180000kg}=[/math]
 [math]15\frac {m} {s}[/math]