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True, your ipod touch has been capable to serve you more than its main purpose of offering entertainment for you. Apart from music, games and videos, its also able to update you of your calorie intake, supply a speedometer if you don't have one, function as a countdown til you reach the number of calories you burn, and tell you what to eat. Several downloadable applications have been created since ipod touch has been released and its adoring fans are very delighted indeed.

Now that the ipod touch 4th generation has recently been out on the market, many avid users are nevertheless clamoring for more useful purposes and capabilities that the latest model of this famous Apple creation can do for them. Several were not let down indeed with the brand new functions included in the ipod touch 4th age group. Looks-wise, there's the newly improved much sleeker and thinner look, with a battery that's at least 20 percent lighter than the previous ones, a titanium metal back and of course, it still keeps that favorite LCD screen display with the well-known half eaten apple logo at the end of the screen. Function-wise, there is the super clear image resolution called retina display that boasts of an almost non-pixelated appearance, the front and back digital cameras (a great offshoot from their earlier models that only had one digicam that is the same as that found in the cell phones), a fast A4 processor and a multiplayer gaming capacity. But wait, there is still more.

Even before Apple genius creator Steve Jobs died, he already boasted that the newest Apple addition is now able to just accept at least 30,000 new applications. But perhaps out of these, the most important that many users have been clamoring for since ipod touch's launch is the global positioning system (GPS) application. For the non-techie savy, GPS is that genius application that exhibits a digital map and allows you to locate certain locations. Most of the recently produced cars are now built with a GPS that allows the driver to know where he's heading to.

Formerly, numerous users were clamoring that when it comes to the GPS function, even the supreme 64gb ipod touch can prove worthless, unless it is connected to a wi-fi. What many would accustomed to do was to connect to the web via 3G connectivity or wi-fi so they could possibly avail of GPS.

Good news! You will find many different ways that you can avail of the GPS performance without connecting to the internet. Whether you're a driver or just a plain commuter, you may have your ipod touch gps tell you your desired destination.

Now, your ipod touch will not just function as your portable car stereo, but could also tell you about the location of your desired destination while driving. First up, if you've got a brand new car, you can make certain it has a built-in GPS chip to permit your ipod touch to have that spoken turn-by-turn direction capacity. For this, you might try the Magellan Premium Car Package for iphone and ipod touch, which additionally functions as your ipod battery charger and your stereo. If you don't have a vehicle however, you can have a portable ipod touch GPS ability with the Magellan Toughcase for ipod touch that has a GPS chip and is water-resistant. It also includes a supplemental battery for longer hours to delight in your ipod touch.