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About Me


My Name is Vezokuhle Cebekhulu,I work for Umkhumbi Youth Development Organisation which is based in Ngwelezane Township in Empangeni, I'm currently Studying in the University of South Africa doing Mining Surveying. I love music and Art as a whole as I'm also a poet myself. I was raised by a single mother and I got two sisters,

younger and older.
A Hand Made Zulu Hut


Im interested in seeing the youth being business minded and starting their own businesses and being self sustained rather the looking for jobs which are scarce in our community. I'm always looking to meet people who inspire me and hard workers.


I expect to explore how other ordinary people deal with everyday situations and obstacles and how their overcome those problems. sharing information is always been my objective and togetherness in all there is that is being worked on.


A will to Empower the youth has always been my objective, because where I come from people are always expecting everything to be done for them by the government.

  1. Learning as much as I can
  2. Improve my knowledge interpretation
  3. improve my networking skills

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