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Brief Backgound

Hi my name is Carlton Watson I earned my PhD in experimental condensed matter physics from The University of Iowa in 2001.I then worked from 2001 to 2003 as senior research engineer and manager of the microfabrication division at TLC Precision Wafer Technology in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During that time I oversaw delivery of high frequency devices and components to Lockheed-Martin, Daimler-Chrysler and the US Department of Defense. I joined the faculty at The College the Bahamas in 2003 where I am an assistant professor in physics. My research interests include semiconductor physics, microfabrication, nanotechnology, microwave devices and techniques, and physics education.

Courses Taught

  • one PHYS 164 - General Physics I
  • two PHYS 165 - General Physics II

PHYS 176- College Physics I PHYS 270 - College Physics II PHYS 276 - College Physics III PHYS 277 - College Physics IV PHYS 376 - Thermal Physics PHYS 102 - The Physics of Everyday Things PHYS 301 - Energy, Society and The Environment


The College of The Bahamas

Ad-hoc Committee on University Governance (Committee to Determine how the future University of The Bahamas will be Governed) 2006-2007 Major/Minor Committee 2007 Task Force on Research 2005-2006 Task Force on Technology 2005-2006 Advisor to The Science Club 2003-2004 Advisor to The Rotaract Club 2004-present

Prairie View A&M

The Society of Physics Students – President 1994 National Society of Black Engineers – Cultural Committee 1993 Tau Beta Pi (US National Engineering Society_ _ Induction Co-Chair 1993

The University of Iowa

The Black Student Union - President 2003 Multi-Ethnic Engineering Student Association (MESA) – Tutor and Graduate Student Advisor 1998-2001 Graduate Student Senate - Senator & Chair of The Social Committee 2000