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My Pilot Project

The reason I took this course is for a homeschool coop I want to organize in the Fall. I plan to organize a North Carolina History Field Trip coop, in which we would take a field trip/educational class each month to some place in North Carolina with historical significance. Each family will be responsible for organizing one field trip. However, I wanted to add a wiki to the coop where each educational field trip/class would be described, details about location or arrangements could be posted, etc., and the students could add their comments about what they learned, whether they thought it was interesting, etc. That way, after our coop has finished, it would be a resource for later homeschool families who want to try the same thing, or at least, are looking for historical places to visit on their own. In the North Carolina public school, students study North Carolina history in the 4th Grade, so there is an ongoing need for this information as different students reach that age.

However, everyone is completely swamped just finishing classes, coops, projects, etc., before June, when most of our organized group activities take a hiatus for a couple of months. So I won't be able to work on this project until probably July, when I can start talking to other homeschool teachers about setting this up for the 2009-2010 academic year.

But I do have plans to pursue this idea when the time is appropriate.