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This is the interactive version of Smartie's World.

It is where you can chat, place feedback, link to interesting videos, pages or post photos that you find interesting that others in your classes in Smartie's World might also find interesting.

There are links for each subject and Year Level.

There is not a link for a specific class as all my year 9 social studies classes for instance do the same sorts of stuff.

I know: deceptively simple.

Should you wish to email me in the workplace my email is:

In the event you get sick of being here:

Back to Marlborough Girls' College Homepage This is my school.

Smartie's World Homepage This is my website.

Moodle Log On For MGC This is for students and teachers at MGC to log on to the Moodle network.

About Me: a human being beyond school...

My name is Catherine Smart-Simpson (rhymes with Bart Simpson). 

I look like my avatar.  Wings optional.

I'm arty, crafty and a little bit crazy.  

I'm passionate about achieving work life balance.  

I have a former racing greyhound called Florrie.  I have learnt not to rollerblade with; her the hard way.

I love baking cupcakes for my children.

I love quirky shoes.